Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Phantoms in Fantasyland

This aerial shot from the Skyway at Disneyland shows the very short-lived but extremely cool looking Phantom Boats.

Looking like something out of Batman, they were gone for good by the summer of '56.

As a follow-up to yesterday's post, I asked my brother (the one with the Polaroid camera around his neck) if he still had any photos that he had shot that day in December 1970. Here are the two that he dug up:

Here are two previously posted shots taken at the same time by my mom and my other brother:

Yes, that's me with the Big Bad Wolf. Even at that age, I was hanging out with shady characters.

And the accompanying shots that my other brother and mom shot:

And last, but definitely not least, yesterday Disney released this concept rendering of what the Rivers of America will look like when finished. I actually like it. The water features look cool, I see the Keel Boat, the non-Burning Cabin, the waving Indian, and the Indian settlement. While I hate that the journey has been shortened, if the real thing looks like this rendering, then I will still be pretty happy.

More Phantom Boat photos at my main website.

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K. Martinez said...

Please thank your brother for us. These are wonderful family photos with the Disney characters. You look very happy here. As I commented before, I love character photos at the Park.

I think the concept rendering looks great. The railroad track along the shore crossing over the falls is reminiscent of the Mine Train circling Cascade Peak. The Indian Village looks interesting with the rockwork backdrop. I really like that feature. The railroad bridge to the extreme right has my interest and makes me wonder if that's underpass access to Star Wars Land. I'll definitely be studying this many times more before. I'm always open to change as long as it's done right and well. Here's hoping that is the case. Thanks, Dave.

Fifthrider said...

I wasn't going to say anything but after reading your post yesterday I later checked out the official Disney post. I change nothing about my sentiments about the change and current direction management is going, but the artist concept is nice.

IF they must cut back the river, then this envisioning of it is a nice Lagniappe. It's got a lot going on in a little area, and that's very Disneyesque.

Anonymous said...

The Phantom Boats photo dates from when ride operators tagged along for trip after Tomorrowland Attractions got tired of all the problems of retrieving floundered boats—and figured at least an RO could restart the thing and limp it back to the dock.

Adam Hazlett said...

You and Mickey had a similar taste in shoes back then.
That rendering looks awesome. Lets hope for the best!

Dave DeCaro said...

Fifthrider - I agree. I think the shortening of the River sucks. But...at least it appears that what they're doing is going to look good. I will leave it at that!

Adam - Those damn corrective shoes I had to wear...which didn't do crap to help my feet! Ha!