Monday, January 04, 2016

First at Monsters, Inc.

Going to Monsters, Inc. at DCA first has its advantages. You get to see a little pre show and if you have a child, you might be the lucky family that opens up the attraction!

Regardless, our little group was able to board the loading queue at entry gate number one. First class all the way!

This is a very cute attraction; surprisingly, I don't believe there have been any changes made to it since it opened back in 2006.

About to enter Harryhausen's:

Wouldn't it be cool to be able to grab a fortune cookie on your way through?

A little bit of excitement, courtesy of the CDA:

Even without any updates, there are still plenty of details to notice each time I ride through, especially in the locker room scene.

Here's the part I really like; entering the moving doors scene.

There's motion, action, and cool special effects.

And then you reach the happy ending.

Back to some boring scenes with the CDA:

and then Roz at the exit, for the big finish. She really is the best part of the attraction.

A great attraction for the younger set, and fairly enjoyable for adults, too.

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Anonymous said...

My adult son with autism loves this ride - since he gets the DAS and we do not have to be trying to grab Fast Passes for another ride, we can afford the time to be at Monsters for the opening.

K. Martinez said...

Monsters, Inc. is a fun little "C" ride, the type DCA should have more of. I don't know why they don't do a couple more of these dark rides(Pixar brand) for Hollywood Land like they have the dark rides (Disney brand) for Fantasyland at Disneyland. And yes, the moving doors scene is really quite good. Thanks, Dave.