Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Today I present to you a few vintage Skyway shots as many of you return to work after a three day weekend. This June 1960 shot shows the Tomorrowland Skyway Station.

I believe the train seen here in Tomorrowland visible in this detailed view is the Fred Gurley.

Look at those cast members wearing ties. What a different time it was.

This February 1965 view shows the Matterhorn and was shot from a bucket departing the Tomorrowland station…or about to enter it! I am sure there is a Disneyland geek out there who can tell.

A detailed view of the buckets:

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K. Martinez said...

You were correct the first time. The bucket is departing the Tomorrowland Skyway terminal.

I loved the original multi-colored skeletal Skyway towers with their original buckets. You can never fail when featuring my all-time favorite Disneyland attraction from the past on your blog. Thanks, Dave.

Patrick Devlin said...

That's some seriously sharp-eyed trainspotting there, Dave!

There's a little bit of fun in that penultimate shot: the Monorail beam used to hug the Matterhorn a bit longer pre-1967 and then "swerve" into the station. With the New Tomorrowland of 1967 the beamway was realigned to make a straighter approach into the station. I like the extra curve, after all more curves equal more fun!