Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Wednesday WOW: Celebrities @ Disneyland!

For another glimpse into my psyche and how I decide what to post...when I see photos/slides/negatives for sale, even at that point I am thinking how I can use them in this blog. Would they tie into another image and make a fun theme? Is it a unique enough image to stand on its own, or is it something that I should buy, hold onto, and maybe at a later date stumble onto a good companion piece? Two recent images I just purchased are not really that exciting on their own, but combining them with some previous photos give me today’s theme: vintage celebs at Disneyland. And awaaaaay we go. First up, we have Liz Taylor. Even though the focus of this poor quality wire photo is Liz and current hubby Eddie Fisher, by the wild swirls around them, it is obvious that they are about to enjoy the Alice in Wonderland attraction. Previously, I have posted this photo of Eddie and Liz (also from the same January 1959 visit) in Central Plaza with her two boys from previous hubby Mike Todd:

Here’s a previously posted image of the spooky looking character, who did double duty as both Mr. Hyde and The Phantom of the Opera, depending upon what was showing at the Main Street Cinema:

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Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Great post, love the Liz photos!

Hey, the Main Street Cinema looks more "realistic" in your vintage color photo than it looks today. I hear its closed for refurb. I hope they give it more "flair" like it used to have. Heck, bring back Mr. Hyde and the Phantom too!

dbenson said...

Um, I'm pretty sure the Twiggy special was at Universal Studios. I'm old enough to remember a sequence of Twiggy and a male sidekick doing mild schtick on the deserted European street, then opening a door to be startled by a monster.

Further, I recall that Universal had some of its own monsters walking around the studio tour back in the day. Don't know if they owned the Phantom of the Opera's design the way they owned the classic Frankenstein, but in any case it seems unlikely Disney would highlight the Phantom on a TV special.

Daveland said...

Dbenson: check out my Twiggy page....over 75 photos of her at DISNEYLAND; not Universal Studios. She may have done a special at Universal too, but she definitely filmed one at Disneyland:

In addition, the back of the publicity blurb on the photo mentions the location as being Disneyland, not Universal.

Um? Really?

dbenson said...

I stand corrected, but somewhere along the line she did film something at Universal and encountered a monster. I made a guess based on Universal's walk-around monsters and the odd background of that particular shot, which could have easily been from the Universal's pre/post tour area.

Ron Schneider said...

Universal certainly owned the Phantom... they still have the soundstage AND the Opera House set standing on the back lot. Back in the 70s they had the Phantom in the tour queue line standing on a small platform with a sign at his feet identifying him... and he'd suddenly move toward unsuspecting guests and cause quite a ruckus.

Not sure that the Phantom mask was ever meant to represent Mr. Hyde, tho...