Friday, January 22, 2010

Freaky Fridays @ The Haunted Mansion: Dying to get out & Ghostly Portraits

This area is one of my faves on the HM: the creepy green hands trying to pry open the coffin in a huge solarium filled with funeral bouquets.

And don’t forget about the glowing-eyed raven:

Down the hall a little ways are these Ghostly Portraits hanging on the walls in the Hallway of Doors. The gentleman with the crown on his head greatly resembles the infamous Hatbox Ghost...he also seems to enjoy multiple spots in the same area.

This area is also where the eerie Thirteen Hour Clock is located. What a fantastic touch, with its hands rotating backwards!

And how about a sample of the pattern from one of the Mansion’s wallpapers?

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Unknown said...

Superb shots, Dave!

I so need you to tag along on my next family trip and be our vacation photographer! But only if you wear your hat!!!

Major Pepperidge said...

I've never noticed that portrait of the guy with the axe before... very cool. See, when I hang someone, I don't let them carry an axe. It just leads to trouble.

Daveland said...

George - That would be a blast. And yes, I'll wear my hat...except on the Rollercoasters!

Amy said...

I am always amazed at your on ride pictures! I went today and tried to get a few and have mostly big blurs to show for it. Still so much to learn about my camera!