Monday, January 04, 2010

July 1961 at Disneyland, Pt. 1

From the same batch as the entrance shot for which I have the negative comes these two, beginning with the entrance to Frontierland. LOVE the hats, don’t you? These kids sure know how to have fun! And how about that belly sticking out on the little one? He is so proud of it—took a lot of turkey legs and churros to get that!

Over in Central Plaza, the Keystone Kops are playing a tune to keep the guests entertained. The Kop on the far right is Bernie Flymen; he played both sax & clarinet in the Disneyland Band the first 5 years the park was opened. He was also in Desi Arnaz’s band on “ Love Lucy.”

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Dave Meek said...

Lovin' the Frontierland entrance shot - I remember those hats! There were no churros or turkey legs in 1961 though; must have been popcorn and ice cream sandwiches.

Major Pepperidge said...

That first photo is priceless. The "belly kid" looks like a lot of adults that you see at the park today.