Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Black & White series, 1950’s: Pt. 4

Let’s spend a day at the Indian Village. For purposes of the narrative here, I’ll just say that photo number one shows our gang of little varmints and their beer-guzzlin'-cigarette-smokin’-dads pulling up to the dock of the Indian Village in a canoe. I’m sure some smarty-pants expert will correct me and say that they are actually leaving, but this is my story and I ain’t swervin' today! Shot #2 shows one of the Indians cuttin’ a rug in the Ceremonial Dance Circle. In all seriousness, it is a shame that today’s children don’t get a chance to experience this.

The only thing missing from the photo is the tear streaming down the Indian's cheek along with a cartoon bubble admonishing this little boy not to litter. Again...veering back into serious territory, I really do love this shot. This little tot is experiencing something that (I would imagine) he will remember for a long time.

Last one today shows all the little troublemakers together in one shot. The end of a perfect day, filled with lots of stories to tell their buddies back home who couldn’t make it. Oh, but wait...it’s not the end of the day. More to come tomorrow!

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Pfeiffer Photos said...

That is one area of DL that I wish was still interactive. It shut down long before my time to visit but they certainly have some property at the back of the river where the diorama is located that could use some new life. Great photos!

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Anonymous said...

>>In all seriousness, it is a shame that today’s children don’t get a chance to experience this.<<

Well, the more we see how other peoples are "just like us," the less interesting they become.