Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Walt’s Special Autopia Car

Unbeknownst to me until recently, Walt had is very own souped-up Autopia car, complete with leather seats. Apparently, by 1958, Walt had moved onto other things (like the Viewliner and Monorail) so his former favorite toy went on display in Tomorrowland. In detail shot #1, we can see the car up-close and personal, as well as some directional signage for Tomorrowland.

Detail shot #2 shows the Spaceman working the front area of the Satellite - View of America exhibit (formerly Space Station X-1):

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Major Pepperidge said...

If only you could keep zooming in until we were inside the "Satellite View of America"!!

Chiana said...

Hi Dave! Really enjoying these pics - still! It's an addiction. The recent pics of Walt and grandkids were a big surprise and this is a novel one too. But I enjoy all of the vintage shots, usual or not.

Is that a man at a ticket booth under the awning there? In the spaceman cossie? My goodness that must've been comfy on hot days, or any day really. Like the assortment of haberdashery and millinery. Cowboy. Beanie. Paper. Floridian. Continental. Even the babe in the stroller has a hat on! But space man has 'em all beat hehe