Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trip to Disneyland: April 1965, Pt. 6

Adventureland...sounds so exciting, and yet, of all the lands, Adventureland had the fewest amount of attractions when the park first opened. Our Debbie-Downer-Duo are checking out the Maui Fountain in the Courtyard of the Enchanted Tiki Room. They do seem to be mesmerized by this hi-tech gizmo! Here’s a shot of Maui today:

Bless Dad’s heart...he tried to get an interior shot of the show.

No trip to Adventureland would be complete without a ride on The Jungle Cruise. I’ve included one shot here, but if you want to see all of them, you’ll have to stop by my Jungle Cruise blog (I’d hate to be accused of double-posting!).

If you squint a little, you might be able to make out D3 hiding in the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House:

My teaser photo for tomorrow’s post leaves you off at the entrance to Fantasyland...and yes, it appears that Junior is smiling!

See more vintage & current Adventureland photos at my regular website.

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Katella Gate said...

The picture of inside the Tiki Room reminded me of when my own father tried to film the entire show on 8mm (standard 8 mind you) back around 1967.

The only thing that came out (kinda-sorta) was the Birdmobile act. Everything else was just a shade of enchanted black.