Saturday, August 12, 2006

Construction on the Rivers of America, December 26, 1955

Just recently noticed that this beautiful shot of the Mark Twain also includes some cool construction going on.

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Matterhorn1959 said...

Nice shot of the mill on Tom Sawyers Island under construction. I like the waterwheel just being framed.

Major Pepperidge said...


Major Pepperidge said...

After a second look, I am wondering if that is actual construction, or some sort of quick "mock up" so that the designers could get an idea of the final mill? It just looks so rickety and temporary, but I could be wrong. It's still super interesting, though!

Dave Rogers said...

I'm with the major on this one. Have you seen those similar images of mockups of Fort Wilderness?

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

I love your images of the Mark Twain and Rivers of America! The split-rail fencing in the foreground reminds me of just how large Frontierland was, before the more elegant masonry of the New Orleans Square waterfront lopped of a big chunk of it's area.

By the way, love your blog and your images. I'm taking them all in from the beginning as part of my personal quest to read most/all Disney blogs. I call it the 'Disney Blog Project.'

Thanks Again.