Monday, August 14, 2006

Tomorrowland, December, 1955

The other day, The Major had a posting of Tomorrowland, and today I thought I’d tack onto that one with this rather empty view from 1955. Of course, the most SHOCKING thing about this view is all the trash! Even today, you rarely see this much stuff on the ground. Once again, must be December: check out all the coats in Southern California!

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Major Pepperidge said...

Neat shot, but you are right - - that is a lot of stuff on the ground! Maybe the sweepers were on their coffee break?

Anonymous said...

Love your blog.
I'm now addicted to your site along with "Stuff" & "Gorillas". I only wish you'd post the
photos larger like those guys...each time they post a new slide you feel like you're there in the shot!

To me, as with many, the magic of the park ended when Inner Space, Carousel of Progress and People Mover where removed and maybe
even before that...when the bad blacklight paint-overs & cheesy fiber optics ruined all
of those amazing Fantasyland dark rides.

Thanks for keeping the real
Disneyland magic alive!

Daveland said...

Thanks for the nice note, anonymous. You could easily enlarge the pics I post to the same size as the other blogs and they would look like the same quality. Bigger is not always better!

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

It's amazing how sparse and under-developed Tomorrowland looked prior to the 1959 & 1967 expansions! It looks like a county fair.