Thursday, July 29, 2021

Indiana Jones Adventure Details

I have been going through my old photos and seeing if I can improve them with the knowledge I have acquired about digital photo processing over the last decade. It has been fun to look through them again and to be able to pull out details I had never noticed before. Or at least didn’t remember seeing! The  queue at the Indiana Jones attraction is one of the best; sadly, guests are rushing to the ride vehicles and whiz right by the rich details strewn along the way. Here’s a “letter” (firmly glued down to avoid being pilfered) from Indy to Sallah:

Unfortunately, the date is hidden by the hammer, but we can read the rest:

Rotten luck. Reports of Temple of the “Forbidden Eye” have hit the newspapers and newsreels. It’s shaping up to be the biggest thing since Santa Claus. Counting on you to control the feeding frenzy until I return. Have deciphered new tablets may lead to the power. Going into temple. I intend to win this race and shake Belloq.

New to me also was the discovery of an object that the skeleton is reaching for:

Looks like it might have been a leather water canteen? The queue is damn dark, so I’m not surprised I wouldn’t have noticed this before.

See more Disneyland Indiana Jones Adventure attraction photos at my main website.


Fifthrider said...

Now THIS is treasure. Likewise, I'm often being rushed through the lines and on occasion I'd rather be waiting in the line, as long as it's on my terms meaning long enough to see what I'm looking at. I never noticed what the skeleton was grabbing at before.

That closeup of Indy's letter is genius. Thank you. Given Belloq's demise in 1936 I'm assuming that puts the Forbidden Eye at sometime before that. Until now, I never knew there was a reference to Rene Belloq.

Anonymous said...

"Line queue" is redundant - a queue IS a line. Why would you say both?

Daveland said...

Bryan - What a demise that was, too!

Anonymous - I stand corrected. People do make mistakes. My question to you - with all the things covered in my blog, why would your gutless "Anonymous" comment only deal with the negative?

Fifthrider said...

Little known fact, the Hebrew words Belloq was reading (just before his head exploded) were taken from an ancient blog scroll. He saw a misspelling and yearned to go back in time to scribe a correction on the bottom of the original scroll for all to see.

JG said...

Dave, this is good stuff. Thanks for pulling it out. I've never seen that letter, or puzzled over the skeleton, other than to be pleased it wasn't me.

Like Fifthrider, I wish sometimes that I could linger in the queue, at my own pace at least, to soak in the details. But this is one we always hit with a FastPass and just run right through it, which is a shame. Maybe I will get another solo trip sometime.

I did know that the Temple ride was set in time before the Raiders and the other films, but learned that through blogs, not from my own analysis.

I can only surmise that Anonymous' head has exploded like Belloq on seeing Dave's minor malapropism. A sweeper will be by in a minute to clean up.

Thanks Dave, always something new and worthwhile here.


Daveland said...

JG: It's hard to linger in the Jones queue; typically the throngs behind are pushing to get to the attraction. I always felt a tinge of guilt as I stopped to photograph the details. As for Anonymous...I think the current term for those “Debbie Downers” is “Karen”!

Anonymous said...

Dave, I think that Anonymous looked at what they were paying to view your blog, and needed to speak to the manager.

Cheers, Dave.