Monday, July 06, 2020

Frontierland, 1957

Welcome to Frontierland, circa 1957! Our first shot shows the Davy Crockett Frontier Arcade, where you can find just about whatever your little pioneer heart desires! Zooming in to the left side of the shot you can see the crossover sign for the side entrance into Adventureland.


And if you can’t find what you need at the Arcade, maybe you could fill your goody bag with a little Bone from Bonekraft!

Last one today shows the inside of the Frontierland entrance. I wonder if those antlers were from Bonekraft?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, double mega-Frontier arcade post, Dave.

Major Pepperidge has photos of this building from teh 70's today.

That Bonekraft shop is sure an odd name. The actual handicrafts were probably not particularly macabre, maybe things with carved antler handles, letter openers, walking sticks, and such, but the name is eccentric, sounds like it belongs outside the exit queue of the Haunted Mansion.

Didn't you post pictures of the window display some time back?


Fifthrider said...

Adding that to the list of things you could buy in Disneyland that you didn't expect. Tobacco, bras, and carved bone.

Daveland said...

JG: Total coincidence - must have been something in the air! I may have posted shots of the window...everything is blurry in my brain these days.

Fifthrider: Don't you miss that unexpected element now?