Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Vintage Snow White attraction

Another vintage May 1957 shot of Disneyland today, this time featuring the entrance to the Snow White dark ride in Fantasyland. With a little lightening of the original slide you can see the attraction mural.

Moving up, here’s a closer view of the medallion at the top of the attraction. All of the original Fantasyland dark rides had a similar “coat of arms” tailored to the Disney animated feature that was represented by the attraction.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Interesting to see the golden "stage curtain" as if the front of the ride was a proscenium arch. I tried to find other photos to see if it was there and I'd never noticed it before, and only found one of yours that showed a portion of it. I wonder if any of the other dark rides had similar curtains in front of them?

Matthew said...

@Major Pepperidge... what everyone told me in Little League, "Good Eye!" Wow never really stopped to notice the curtain before. The black matte on black gloss checkerboard pattern is interesting too. I believe, if my memory serves me, those poles were made to look like jousting lances on either side of the entrance.

What caught my attention is that this was "Snow White and Her Adventure" not a scary adventure. Wonder when it changed... and if only there was a machine or device I could ask and get that kind of information from. Maybe one day in the future.

Great post Dave!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Stefano said...

Major Pepperidge, the Snow White exterior had the only curtains that I've seen. Peter Pan's Flight had cutouts of clouds which also functioned as a proscenium, as well as concealing the overhead track somewhat.

Amazon Belle, this ride had maybe more title variations than any other, Snow White and Her Adventures on the fa├žade, Snow White Adventure on maps, SW's Adventures in the guidebooks, and my favorite in the guidebooks and tickets by the 1970s, Snow White's Adventures (Scary).

Thanks Dave for the close-up view of the shield, I never before noticed the bill and cooing doves or the white rose, which must symbolize Snow White's youth and purity.

Daveland said...

I once had the 50th Anniversary miniature Fantasyland dark ride shield set; just couldn't find any photos to post as a comparison! Apparently, after the new changes, they may have to change the name of the attraction to “Snow White’s Sweet Adventure”!

Chuck said...

At least it's still there in some form, unlike at another, unnamed Stateside Park...