Friday, March 13, 2020

Vintage Frontierland and Disneyland Temporary Closure

This May 1957 couple is taking a load off their feet on a Frontierland bench. Despite being in the not-so-wild “Western” portion of Disneyland, this lady chose to shop at the Main Street Emporium, which you can clearly see on her bag.

And in much larger news, Disneyland announced that they will be closing this Saturday morning to help reduce any chance of further outbreak of the Corona virus. This vintage shot of an apocalyptic Disneyland entrance seems to be a good illustration for that news.

As of today, the closure will last through the end of March. All Disneyland Hotels will stay open until Monday to allow travelers a little more time to adjust to the change.

Where’s the hand sanitizer?!?

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Matthew said...

Great photos today Dave... let's count the number of benches in that first photo... I spy 19? Does anyone else have a different count?

You see under a different leadership the idea was to keep you moving... a sitting Guest is not a buying/spending Guest. Close attractions, close restaurants, remove or replace benches with larger "cooking" outdoor vendor carts so you eat and walk at the same time.

Regarding the closing of the Park... I will point out the good news. With two full weeks of Park closure, imagine all the rehab work that can get done. It hearkens back to the days of being closed Monday and Tuesday during winter. Best of luck to the Disneyland Maintenance and Landscaping teams. May these days give you all the blessing of time you need to care for the 65 years YOUNG Park!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

I echo your thoughts Amazon Belle. Remembering back on the routine 2 day closures to give the Park a nice sprucing up always was a benefit to its sparkling longevity. KS