Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Miracles From Molecules

Not quite as memorable as "it's a small world," but "The Miracles From Molecules" is yet another Sherman Brothers tune that has difficulty exiting the brain once hear. Today's post features four images from the Adventure Thru Inner Space attraction at Disneyland, circa April 1970, where this catchy little tune could be heard.

This attraction was located where Star Tours currently resides.

It was a wacky attraction of which I still have vivid memories, even though it closed down over thirty years ago.

The most memorable moment for me was seeing the Omnimover vehicles "shrunken" down in this tube. How the heck did they do that?!? Yes, I was gullible for a short time.

Here's the Sherman Brothers song; listen at your own risk, as you might end up humming it all day long!

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Stu29573 said...

It really reminds me of "RCA! Leads the way, leads the way..."

Fifthrider said...

One of my co-workers is a guy named Steve Wesson. He's semi-famous for making a computer rendered ride-through of this famous attraction. You can re-ride the attraction once more if you head over here: http://www.themightymicroscope.com/

Anonymous said...

Thank You Dave, for a post about one of the best of the lost attractions.

Thank You Fifthrider for the link to the rendering, I have seen this mentioned elsewhere, but always without a link.

If this were done today, I'm sure Johnny Depp or Kylo Ren would be sitting on the nucleus.


HBG2 said...

Mirror cues from monocles...

Chuck said...

Great. Thanks to you, Dave, and Stu, I now have TWO earworms to deal with today... :-)

Wait - what do you mean gullible?