Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Fifi and Jose, 1966

In this October 1966 shot, José the red plumed Barker Bird is drawing customers in with his spiel, voiced by Wally Boag:

Originally, it was the blue plumed Juan who spoke to guests at the entrance of this attraction as shown in this image taken just a few months earlier in August:

Back to the October 1966 batch, the photographer captured Fifi in action during the show:

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Chuck said...

Strangely, my favorite thing about these photos is actually the old United Airlines logo. I remember being unimpressed with the new "rainbow" logo when it debuted in 1974. I was a cranky old man in training at the ripe old age of five.

Anonymous said...

Chuck, agreed. That first photo is a peach to be sure.

For years, I thought the Barker Birds were a fantasy memory. I thought I remembered them, but they were nowhere to be seen.

Now I learn that Wally Boag was the voice... wonders never cease.

Dave, did Wally voice the bird in the show too, or just the Barker? I never heard of him being in the show orchestra.


Matthew said...

@JG Yes, Wally voiced the bird (Jose) inside the show too.

I have to agree with you both... and say, I enjoy seeing Uti's torch burning so brightly. The goddess of night fishing. I sure miss her.

Now, here's a question for all you Daveland readers. I was blessed to work the Tiki Room (yes... this white boy was a Polynesian Cultural Representative... or at least that is how I described once on a resume), so I can say I have some knowledge of the shows operation during the 1980 and early 90's. All the tiki gods had their own "shield" with the story of who that god or goddess was. All of the gods and goddesses in the garden had their own speaking roles too; HOWEVER, I have never seen a shield nor a speaking role for Uti. Does anyone have evidence to the contrary?

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Stefano said...

Several Disney-published sources say that Jose the Barker was removed soon after his debut because crowds stopped to stare and clogged the Adventureland entrance; but here he is three years after the attraction opened. Sketches of the planned Pirates of the Caribbean exterior indicate that a pirate barker was considered for the balcony over the entry.

Chuck said...

And, of course, we know that there was a barker bird at WDW's POTC from 1973-2006.

Anonymous said...

@Matthew, thanks for your response. Fun information to have. I have never heard of a role for Uti beyond the exterior figurehead.

@Stefano, I have read those accounts about the crowds being the cause of the Barker's removal. It's certainly plausible, but maintenance or similar operational issue is just as likely, I suppose.

A pirate barker would be very cool, even if he sat indoors on the treasure chest.