Saturday, February 06, 2016

Ride-Thru: Snow White

Due to server issues, this promised post is a few days late. It is now time to board your mine train and visit the world of the fairest maiden of all, Snow White.

Just in case you are into cuckoo clocks, here's a closeup!

Time to head up to bed.

The party continues on downstairs.

Nothing like a peeping tom-ette to ruin a good time.

This way to the mines.

With gems like this, who needs the stock market?

Time for the transformation scene:

What a great effect.

This is not the apple-a-day that your doctor was referring to.

The big rescue scene:

…and the quick ending:

More shots of the fairest-maid-of-all's dark ride at my main website.

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K. Martinez said...

I'm into cuckoo clocks. Thanks for the closeup!

You did a fantastic job on the rescue finale. I love the light captured from Dopey's candlestick.

If I had a favorite scene from "Snow White's Scary Adventures" it would be a tie between the haunted forest and the Dwarfs' diamond mine.

Thanks, Dave.

TokyoMagic! said...

Quick ending, indeed! I believe when the attraction opened in 1983, that last scene didn't have the lightning bolt or the shadow of the Witch falling backwards, so it appeared as if the Witch crushes the dwarfs...."And they lived happily ever after". I always wondered why they didn't use some of the space that was allotted for the longer Pinocchio attraction next door, so that Snow White's Adventure could have a better ending.

Hey, what happened to the bird that used to sit on the table under the cuckoo clock with a sock in it's mouth? (Or did it sit on the back of that chair next to the table?)

Dave DeCaro said...

Chris - I will have to check it out on my next visit!