Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Pinocchio's Daring Journey is a dark ride that doesn't get a lot of love here; today I will attempt to rectify that with photos from my last ride through.

Get into your vehicle and awaaaaaay we go!

Welcome to Stromboli's Puppet Theatre!

The happy faces you see…

hide the evil Stromboli that runs the show.

Jiminy Cricket attempts to warn Pinocchio.

But to no avail. He enters Pleasure Island anyway.

Looks good so far, doesn't it?

Do you think it's buttered?

Things start to get a little seedier...

and then the truth is revealed.

Watch out for Monstro!

Jiminy Cricket returns to the scene.

The Blue Fairy arrives to make it all right.

Our last vision of Pinocchio shows him as a puppet still. No real boy on this attraction.

Last shot of Jiminy Cricket.

To grainy to get a good view of his medal.

A few closing shots of Gepetto's Workshop.

The exit mural:

Hope you enjoyed your ride through!

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K. Martinez said...

I love Pinocchio's Daring Journey. The Pleasure Island section is always my favorite and I wish just once that my ride vehicle would breakdown in Gepetto's Workshop finale. So much to look at there with such a fleeting glimpse.

The Fantasyland dark rides are like the Disneyland Railroad, Jungle Cruise and Mark Twain to me. "Walt" attractions that are the heart and soul of their respective lands. Hope they will always be there at Disneyland. Thanks, Dave.

Major Pepperidge said...

I love this ride, and it is often a "walk on"... not sure why it isn't as popular as some of the other dark rides. In my opinion they did this one right!

TokyoMagic! said...

It has always bothered me just a little that Pinocchio is still a wooden puppet at the end of the ride (as you pointed out). I wonder if the Pinocchio attraction will eventually get "enhancements" added to it like "Alice" and "Peter Pan" did.

Anonymous said...

The Blue Fairy "Pepper's ghost" effect is especially well done, I think.

I agree, this is a good little ride and undervalued for some unaccountable reason.

Even though it was added at the 1983 remodeling, long after Walt's death, it has very much the same feel as the original dark rides.

Thank you, Dave.