Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Back to Savannah, Pt. 5

Breakfast at the Hamilton-Turner Inn on this fine morning was an Eggs Benedict, which I ordered without the egg. Sorry…it's just one of my idiosyncrasies. I can't stand eggs. After feasting on that, naturally I went in search of my next meal: brunch at 700 Drayton with some friends.

The food is good here, the service so-so, but I definitely love the way they have rehabbed this former funeral home.

Located inside the Mansion on Forsyth Hotel, this restaurant was somewhat empty the day we ate here.

A few shots of the Mansion on Forsyth at night when it looks even more magical:

Nearby is the old Candler Hospital, which was recently rehabbed and repurposed as the Savannah Law School:

It doesn't seem as creepy as it once was when it sat vacant for years.

During that time, its main use was as a stop on the plethora of Ghost Tours that have permeated Savannah.

Before dinner (yes, another meal), I decided to take advantage of the amazing claw foot tub in my room at the Hamilton-Turner Inn.

I was unable to try The Florence on my last trip to town, but this time I made sure that I did.

Not located within walking distance to the Historic District, it's a bit of a trek.

This Italian Restaurant seems to be a fairly lively and hip hangout.

The food was good, but I can't say that I was bowled over by it either.

I would probably give it another try, but for now, it lays in the "meh" category for me.

Another restaurant that is a bit further down on Victory Drive was much more successful in capturing my heart. It's not fancy (and sure could use a bit of a restoration) but it's full of history that envelopes you as soon as you walk in. Unfortunately, I had left my camera behind on this jaunt with friends, so these cellphone shots will have to suffice.

Johnny Harris is a local haunt that has been around Savannah since 1924. The place was jam packed when we were there for lunch.

The pulled pork sandwich made a mess of my hands but it was oh so worth it.

Sadly enough, this local landmark is in serious danger of the bulldozer as the owners of the lot are interested in building. You can help by signing this petition:

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K. Martinez said...

Don't like eggs!?! We all have our idiosyncrasies. I don't like any kind of seafood with the exception of fish 'n' chips. Go figure. Anyway, I signed the petition. You're photography is wonderful as always. Thanks, Dave.