Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back to Savannah, Pt. 6

Apologies to those who are sick of my Savannah posts…but they're still coming to you with at least one more to go. A new discovery on this trip was the Collins Quarter Cafe & Bar.

Located on Bull Street, it has great views and was swarming with guests each time I frequented it.

Their caffeinated beverages are works of art.

And the french toast did nothing for my waistline.

I learned about Collins through my friend Scott, who is a waiter/bartender extraordinaire at another favorite Savannah eatery, The Grey.

After brunch, we had to walk off the calories, and what better place to do so than the Savannah Historic District.

The Independent Presbyterian Church's spire looms over Bull Street.

The mod look of the Drayton Towers on Liberty Street somehow fits into the landscape.

Chippewa Square is famous for being where "Forrest Gump" sat on a bench and recounted his life story.

A pedal cab driver takes a well-deserved break.

One last photo of Scott before we parted ways and I continued my photo journey.

The Independent Presbyterian Church (that's a mouthful!) at night:

And a few other buildings from Chippewa Square at night:

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Chuck said...

Wonderful photos that remind me of why I tend to think of Savannah as "Georgia's Charleston." Not really fair to think of Savannah as a derivative of another graceful old Southern coastal city, but I've never lived in Savannah. :-)

K. Martinez said...

I'm not sick of it. It's your blog and I enjoy these excursions away from Disneyland. Variety and expanding ones horizons is a good thing. Savannah sure looks beautiful on an architectural level. The Independent Presbyterian Church is a beauty and as usual, the food looks delicious. Thanks, Dave.