Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tell-No-Tales Thursdays: Fun-loving Pirates, Feisty Maidens, & Wally Boag

This group of Pirates are enjoying some wine from casks while their mateys are chased by some of the local maidens. Photo #2 is a detail shot from the same scene.

This little lassie appears to be looking for love. Running for his life, this poor pirate is doomed to be chased in a circle for eternity. This particular scene was changed during what has been called the “PC” renovation.

Today, instead of being chased by a love-struck lassie, our Pirate is now being threatened with a rolling pin. Interesting to note: there is a label with notes attached to the banister. Looks like someone forgot to remove it before the grand reopening a few years ago.

This tape was still showing up in December 2006, but was finally removed shortly thereafter.

This picture is a vintage publicity shot from the original ride, showing a pirate chasing after his “bride.”

Do not get in this maiden’s way; she has a broom and she’s not afraid to use it.

See more Pirates of the Caribbean (both recent and vintage) photos at my website.

BOOKS OF NOTE DEPT.: With the assistance of co-author Gene Sands, Wally Boag has finally released the story of his life, lavishly illustrated with tons of beautiful and rare black & white and color photos.

Lovingly written in his own words, it is amazing to read the tale of this extremely talented man’s career. Not only was he a staple of “The Golden Horseshoe,” Wally Boag was also a cherished favorite of Walt Disney himself. But there is more to this man than his extremely long career in Anaheim & Orlando; he has toured the world, performed for the Royal Family, and been a devoted family man as well.

Interesting tidbit for me: never knew Wally was also in the MGM musical, “It’s Always Fair Weather.” I've seen the mod-number, “Thanks A Lot, But No Thanks” many a time, but never noticed that he was (of course) one of the nimble male dancers supporting Dolores Gray.

But back to this fantastic book....BUY IT NOW! I could not put it down.

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SamLand said...

Thanks for the heads-up about Wally's book. Had not heard about this until now. Okay, time to crack out that credit card...

Duvivier said...

Very interesting and informative blog!I would like to share with you two youtube links of the presentation of my book "From Mars to Marceline" at the NFFC's Silver Anniversary july/2009

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, very cool that Wally was in a genuine MGM musical. Maybe it's just me, but he has such an expressive face that he stands out from the other dancers.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Never knew that about Wally, thanks for great work Dave!

Put the chasing scenes back they way they were!!!! What's with that rolling pin??? Also, the pirate that used to be holding the womans undergarment that now holds the map & key is just silly!

Nice shot of the blue tape!

Anonymous said...

Wally was very skilled in order perform a demanding routine like "Thanks a Lot But No Thanks".....And with Dolores Gray!! Lucky guy!