Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mexico Comes to Anaheim, Pt. 2

More photos from the lively Good Neighbor Mexico celebration on East Center Street from September 14, 1963.

A detail area from shot #1 shows some of the art on exhibit here:

Over in Adventureland...I have a reader who recently purchased a table; the seller told her it was the original dining room table from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse at Disneyland. It doesn’t match any of the photos that I have; anyone care to comment?

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Major Pepperidge said...

Much of the Swiss family's stuff was made from pieces of their wrecked ship, and this table certainly has that look... but unless somebody has a photo of the thing in situ, it's impossible to say. Interesting though!

Katella Gate said...

Judging from the quality and imagination of the table, I would take the claim seriously and investigate. If not the "dining table" then possibly a side table... there were a lot of rooms to fill in that treehouse.

Movie props from the period usually have sufficient quality of finish to pass on the camera, but do not stand close scrutiny as this one does.

Early Amusement Parks Of Orange County said...


That table was the one at Disneyland they auctioned it off through E-Bay.When Disney had a store.

Anonymous said...

This table was auctioned off on eBay? Do you have a copy of the listing or anything?