Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sailing Through Sundays on The Jungle Cruise: Vintage Photo Interlude

Just a few vintage images for you to enjoy. First photo at the dock is from September 1963, with the Congo Queen. Next up is November 1968, showing a full fleet ready to explore the Nile.

Two bull elephant shots, first is undated (most likely 50’s) and the 2nd is June 1968.

Those crazy elephants in the elephant pool...June 1968 and June 1965.

A few of the hidden natives, April 1960 & June 1968.

Plenty of foliage in this June 1967 shot:

For you African Veldt fans, here’s how the scene looked before the “cave” was created for the lions-eating-the-zebra scene, July 1972 & June 1965:

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Great Sunday post Dave. Appreciated.