Friday, March 02, 2007

Indian Village & Fort Wilderness, April 1958

Here’s one taken from the Indian Village towards Fort Wilderness. Speaking of Fort Wilderness, here are 2 interior shot that I recently snagged:

Back to 1958, here’s a blurry one; is this an Indian Princess?

Meanwhile, back over on Tom Sawyer’s Island, they are plugging away trying to meet the 5/07 deadline:

My last visit just didn’t seem the same without the Disneyland Railroad, so I am posting two pics in commemoration of one of my favorite attractions: CK Holliday, July 1957:

Ernest S. Marsh at the Frontierland Station, July 1968

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Major Pepperidge said...

I especially love those train shots...the C.K. Holliday looks great, and in the other one, the New Orleans buildings look very empty and barren.

I can't tell if that is an Indian Princess, but there was a "Miss Indian America" who worked at the Indian Village at one time. Her name was "Pretty Star", also known as Ruthe Homer.