Saturday, March 03, 2007

Fantasyland, April 1958

This trip back to April 1958 starts off with a view of King Arthur Carrousel & Ticket Booth. The vantage point is definitely higher than pavement level; anybody able to tell where this would have been taken from? Maybe the castle?

Picture 2 shows the well worn sails of the Jolly Roger Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship. The 3rd and last for today is Cinderella’s Castle inn Storybook Land.

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Tangaroa said...

Interesting! It's obviously taken from that balcony - but I thought you couldn't get out there when walking the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walk-through... I thought they kept guests inside! A mystery to be sure.... said...

Hey Dave, Nice Slides ;-) I think I've seen them before (LOL)... When I first saw that Carousel shot, I wondered the same thing, "where was that shot taken from?" That's why I thought maybe these were commercial slides, but they are too nice for Panavue's! Hey, I know, maybe he had really longer arms, like just like Davelands master photographer! Keep up the good work! Tim

Anonymous said...

For a few lucky years you could actually wander out onto that rear castle balcony! We have shots of folks standing up there! If you remember the walk through attraction at all, you may recall an interior door near the largest upper chamber. It was always locked in later years - but at one time you could walk right outside!