Friday, October 13, 2006

Mixed Bag Friday the 13th

This undated slide is obviously at the end of the roll, but still gives an interesting look at the Marching Band, entering Adventureland.

Slide #2, from April 1968, appears to be either a backlot or parking lot photo with a number of cast members in different uniforms. My last two shots from March, 1967 and April, 1968 and show Big Thunder Falls on the Nature’s Wonderland Railroad ride (thanks Bearride and Matterhorn!).

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Bearride - Raymond said...

Those pics are both of Big Thunder Falls on Nature's Wonderland. It looks like they were taken from the Mark Twain. :D

Matterhorn1959 said...

Bearride is correct, both images are of the three sisters falls from Nature's Wonderland Railroad. You can see the tracks as well as guests enjoying the mule pack ride. And the middle one is members of the Disneyland band or from the Dapper Dans. Two of the band members are from the Keystone Kops band, one is from the German Alpine band and the other two in the striped shirts and straw hats are the Dapper Dans.

Daveland said...

Thanks Bearride and Matterhorn; the landscape has changed so much around the Rivers of America over the years and in Frontierland that it's often hard to pinpoint this stuff. And, rumor has it that Tom Sawyer may be undergoing a transformation as well. Hold onto those slides, folks!

Amazon Belle said...

Slide #2 is indeed Backstage. In the image on the far left is the back of the Opera House, by then it featured Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Visible to the right of that is top of City Hall. These folks are probably standing right where Space Mountain is today.

Love the Nature's Wonderland shots! Matterhorn nailed it when he spotted the mules rising over Big Thunder Falls on Cascade Peak. Keep up the great work Daveland!