Saturday, October 14, 2006

Golden Horseshoe Station Wagon

Sometimes it pays to go back and look closer at slides that you’ve passed over before. This July, 18, 1955 slide looks like your normal everyday Mark Twain shot, but when you zoom in on the right, you see something somewhat jarring at Disneyland: a car. To the right of the Golden Horseshoe is this yellow station wagon, with the trunk open, as if it was being unloaded.

Slide #2 is from August, 1956. I have a plethora of these Indian Village slides, but haven’t posted many yet. If there’s much interest in them, let me know and they’ll start seeing the light of day.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Love the station wagon! And of course you should show those Indian Village slides. Thanks as always for the great views!

Anonymous said...

I loved Disneyland as a kid because of all the horses and Indians. The old west was my big thing. Still is. Please post as many of the horse pictures and Indians pictures that you can.