Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Tippi Tuesday

This Tippi Hedren photo did double duty. With a date stamp of February 14, 1964, the first publicity blurb on the back reads:

‘Tippi’ Hedren finds a bouquet of flowers in her dressing room on the opening day of shooting her current film being directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Considering that filming of “Marnie” began in November 1963, the date stamp is most likely for the alternate blurb:


Remember blonde and shapely TIPPI HEDREN, who scored such a personal triumph in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller “The Birds”? Well, she has wings of her own now, awarded by aces of the United States air forces serving in Germany. These lads, who daily run the gauntlet of “incidents” near the Berlin corridor are “inspired” by the beauty of TIPPI HEDREN, claims their commanding officer, who declares that she has been voted the lads’ pin-up and mascot. No wonder the know-alls are prophesying that her next film will feature airmen.

The know-alls didn’t know much; her next film after “Marnie” was Charlie Chaplin’s “A Countess from Hong Kong” in 1967 which took place on a cruise ship.

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