Saturday, August 10, 2019

Belated Haunted Mansion Anniversary Post

No dear readers; I didn’t forget. It just took me longer than I expected to put together this special vintage panoramic shot of the Haunted Mansion during its construction. While yesterday marked the 50th Anniversary of my FAVORITE (yes, I'll go ahead and say it) Disneyland attraction, construction began almost nine years prior to its opening. Previously, I had combined two images from a November 1962 contact sheet; today, I was able to merge four, providing an incredible view from the original Frontierland Depot all the way over to the trail that would eventually take guests to Splash Mountain. How bout dat for Photoshop magic?!?

Also for today is one of my very favorite shots that I captured of the Mansion at night:

Thanks to all the original Imagineers (especially Marc Davis, Claude Coats, and of course Walt) who put together this unique dark ride experience!

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Anonymous said...

The opening of the Haunted Mansion...and Yippee Day closure a year later are two of the highlights during my tenure as a CM. Great shot Dave! KS

Chuck said...

Great job with the panorama, Dave & PhotoShoppe! I love the slight distortion of the upper levels of the Mansion. It betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis...

KS, man, those must have been the days as a CM.

Fifthrider said...

Holy cow, what a great job of stitching photos together. That's a new desktop multi-monitor wallpaper for me, thanks! I'm assuming that holds a Disney record for construction, does anyone else know? Did anything else ever take up to 9 years to make? Any park, attraction, hotel, Disney-owned anything?

JG said...

Wow, what a great picture, well, both of them. And a splendid thing to post on the anniversary.

I remember longing for the Mansion to open.

Thanks Dave.


Max said...
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Max said...

sure love you both