Thursday, January 10, 2019

50 Million Served, Circa 1965

A few years back, I was contacted by a gentleman who shared his story of a magical day at Disneyland back in 1965. Can you believe it took me over two years to finally publish it? Here goes:

“My mother, Mary Adams, was the 50,000,000 guest at Disneyland on August 12, 1965. Here are two pictures of our family at the front gate that day. I hope it adds to your good work. I am the blond boy, Bruce Adams.

“We are regular visitors and have wonderful memories of Disneyland. I believe there isn't a lot of information on our amazing day due to the loss of Walt Disney a year later. The pictures here are from an album that was given to us. The photographer was Mario and our Guide’s name was Donna Partin. This six year old had a HUGE crush on Donna! Coincidentally, I was born on December 5th, the same day as Walt Disney. Typically, my wife and I will spend December 5th at the happiest place on earth. We have an amazing life-long gift of love for all things Disney.”

Bruce also generously shared these two vintage newspaper articles covering his family’s good fortune on that day in 1965:

I am blown away by the generosity of Park employees to the Adams family. Is anything of this scale still done today when the Park reaches attendance milestones?

Here is a previously posted color (and blurry) shot showing the festivities as seen from the Monorail:

Thanks to Bruce and all the many people who have been kind enough to share their stories with me and my readers!

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Matthew said...

What a great story!!! I am grateful that your readers share it too. I remember of course the 30th year when people won prizes for being the 30th, 300th, 3,000th, 30,000th, etc. The following year, 1986, was the year everyone won, every day. The prizes were commonly awarded at the Main Gate in 1985, and therefore they made a big deal out of it as it was related to attendance. After 1986, I don't know what they have done related to attendance.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

Having contributed several of my's always great to read the memories of others in this blog. Not to nitpick, but just for the record, Walt passed late the following year in 1966. KS

KensStudio said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this story, Dave!