Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Temple Tuesday: Mary gets the shaft

Mary Nash: one of the greatest female villains in Hollywood history. Not only did she torment Shirley Temple in “Heidi,” but she came back two years later to lock her in an attic in “The Little Princess.” As a result, the poor lady had to wear the same wardrobe in both movies! See for yourself in these two stills from those movies. Exhibit A shows her with Marcia Mae Jones, Sidney Blackmer, and Shirley in “Heidi,” 1937. Exhibit B below shows her with Shirley in “The Little Princess.”

Didn’t believe me? Here's the attic:

As if once recycled costume wasn’t bad enough, there were TWO outfits that Nash had to wear in both movies. Oh the shame! Here she is in “Heidi”:

…and in “The Little Princess.” Sorry Mary; hiding behind a desk won’t disguise this economy by 20th Century Fox!

This particular costume has survived the years and is owned by film costume collector supreme, Nicholas Inglis. Here are a few shots from his Instagram account:

To round out the post, here are a few other vintage stills from “Heidi” that you can hiss at!

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Jody Stepnowski said...

Maybe they hung on the rack in Costuming under the label "Mean Old Lady" ;-)