Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Trip to NOHO

In going through my photos, I realized I never posted the shots I took on my one and only "visit" to North Hollywood for a photo shoot two years ago. How about that entry sign? There's a lot of stuff going on there!

I immediately zoomed in on the El Portal Theatre.

Wish it had been a night shoot; I really need to return to capture this neon when it's all lit.

Did you know the Beatles movie "A Hard Day's Night" played here in 1964? More than a thousand screaming fans lined up to watch it here.

Beatles aside, I was in Art Deco heaven.

Looking above, I also fell in love with the plaster details:

My shoot was at a nearby junkyard with actor David Brackett.

Very different vibe.

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nick said...

Wow -- the El Portal!! I grew up in North Hollywood (Lankersheim and Victory Blvd) and enjoyed several movies at the El Portal. In 1953, my mom dropped my brother and I off so we could see Disney's latest offering "Peter Pan." My poor memory was that admission for kids was thirty-five cents and one could even afford Milk Duds without taking out a loan.

My much better memory was that we LOVED "Peter Pan"! during the intermission (yes, two features) I phoned home to ask mom if she could pick up us later so we could see Peter Pan a second time. Yeah, 35cents and you could stay all day at the movies.

Thanks for the great photos of a great memory theater.