Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Back to Clifton's

Last month marked my third time to Clifton's Cafeteria since it's very successful restoration/overhaul. Each time I struggle between taking photos of new details versus enjoying the delicious food. Always a battle. Take a gander at this beautifully sculpted watermelon!

And the signage...so vintage...so well done...it boggles this type-lover's heart.

Organic chicken tenders?!? Why go to McDonald's when you get so much more at Clifton's!

I'm a sucker for Clifton's meatloaf; one of my favorites to dine on here.

Who else makes jello look this cool?

And then of course the decor; like this huge-ass tree in the middle of the restaurant:

The little framed wonders:

And of course the taxidermy:

Silent film siren Louise Brooks was playing on a wall nearby:

One of these days I need to sample Clifton's at night when it REALLY comes alive.

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1 comment:

Fifthrider said...

Un,... Real. If you had not mentioned that was a watermelon I would have assumed wax sculpture or similar. That cake with Kit-Kats around it? Also unreal. I love any place based on attention to detail but this place took that to 11. I must go someday. Thank you.