Wednesday, April 05, 2017

The Brick Street Café

Recently I was in Greenville, SC for the UCDA Design Summit. Busy with chairman duties, I didn't get as much time as I would have liked for my morning runs. However, on the one day I did get to do some cardio, I happened upon a cool little restaurant just outside the West End Historic District. One of the benefits of being on foot instead of behind the wheel is that you notice so much more. I made a mental note and ended up returning for dinner on my last night in town. What a great choice.

The statue outside set the tone for the slightly kooky and fun decor of the restaurant interior.

I was told I could sit anywhere I'd like; of course it took a bit for me to do so as I feasted my eyes upon the eclectic decor.

Live music was featured at the back of the restaurant; not too loud, not too soft. Just right.

There were many dining rooms and areas to choose from; I picked one that was slightly less inhabited so that I could eat (and take my photos) without being noticed!

I love this quote from Margaret Mitchell, author of "Gone with the Wind" which has been slightly cut off: "Southerners can never resist a losing cause."

I ordered Granny's Spaghetti for my entree, which was delicious:

And I had to go with the waitress' suggestion of the Sweet Potato Cake for dessert which she claimed was just about the best cake I would ever have.

She spoke the truth, and it was gone very quickly. If you find yourself in Greenville, be sure to check out this very fun restaurant with excellent service and meals that just might rival your mama's home cooking!

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Fifthrider said...

Love the Abe Lincoln with the Clint Eastwood pancho. Took me a while to notice the main object in that first shot was a piano. Very cool pics, thanks. Also, congrats on being the chair for the summit. You're a busy man.