Friday, April 21, 2017

Freaky Friday: Scary Mice

These poor unsuspecting elderly folk from March 1960; it's bad enough that Scary Mickey is posing with them, but even Scarier Minnie is creeping up behind them. Seriously; who designed this batch of costumes?!?

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Major Pepperidge said...

I don't know, I kind of like these versions of the mice! Great picture.

Fifthrider said...

The head is getting more dialed in on what would be best. It's certainly better than those opening day tragedies. As for the bodies? Er,... Well, I'll bet they were comfortable for the cast members but little else good can be said.

Matthew said...

OK... that is just too funny!

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Anonymous said...

To think this was considered "cute' back in the day! KS

K. Martinez said...

Awwww! Mickey's so cute and cuddly here! It's that lady with the white purse that scares me.

Seeing all the various vintage costumed characters is like watching old Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts through the years. Graphic styles and costume styles evolve and change through time.

Anonymous said...

Mickey looks like he is trying to decide "Ketchup or Worcestshire..." before eating them.