Friday, September 25, 2015

Chilling at the Chateau

My favorite place to get away from it all is The Chateau Marmont. No surprise to my faithful readers. Willis and I packed our bags for a little R&R and headed up to the beautiful hotel on Sunset Boulevard.

Willis has been enough that he knows where he's going once we arrive. Run up the stairs to the lobby…

and then up two more flights for Room 34.

Couldn't think of a better space to just breathe.

Willis loves the comfortable furniture.

The roses in the room were gorgeous, too.

Willis wasn't too thrilled about them; he would have rather had a biscuit.

He does like the cashmere blanket on the bed, though. Mercifully, he did not chew it up. That would have cost me a small fortune.

View from the room during the daytime…

and how Sunset Boulevard looks at night…or was it early morning? Hell, I can't remember.

Taking Willis for a walk in the unseasonable stifling heat, we encountered this vintage Thunderbird.

Get a load of those fins!

Willis didn't care; he missed the air conditioning.

The pool area is very zen.

LOVE this moroccan light fixture.

Willis rested while I did my laps.

And then he positioned himself between my legs when I was done.

It was a very good weekend. Just what the doctor ordered. If only the doctor covered it, too.

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K. Martinez said...

Having Willis featured on your blog today, truly brightened my day. Thank, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Happy to see you and Willis out and about again enjoying life. Perhaps you could get a prescription of "R&R" from the doctor and get this covered! :)

JG said...

Good to see you out and about. Nothing like a visit to a favorite spot.

I'm with Ken, good to see the pup again.

Best to you both, Dave. I wish you well.


Fifthrider said...

Life is defined by moments like these. Well done.