Monday, September 21, 2015

Yesterday's Tomorrow

A trio of Spring 1957 black and white Tomorrowland shots starts off my return to blogging. In the background are the Skyway Station and the Space Bar. Don't get excited…no liquor to be found there. In photo #2, the Flight Circle seems fairly quiet. Sad to think that Lee won't be chiming in anymore with commentary.

The Clock of the World once served as the focal point at the Tomorrowland entrance.

While we are talking it, here are a few 1950s shots in vivid color of that iconic clock.

A closer look:

The clock in daylight, circa September 1958:

and the same view at night:

A 1960's view with the Avenue of Flags in the background. Each one represented a different state.

One more closeup!

Final one for today features a Skyway shot of Tomorrowland from 1958:

Zooming in for what matters:

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Matterhorn1959 said...

welcome back! I missed your posts!

K. Martinez said...

It's good to have you back, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Happy to have you back Dave


Debbie V. said...

Welcome back, sorry about your friend. He would want you to get back to what you love.
I've always loved seeing the Hall of Chemistry, the Monsanto exhibit and the Adventures in Inner Space. I was able as a young girl to tour these exhibits and attractions. Disneyland fostered a love of science in me which still remains decades later. Than night picture is fantastic. If I were to of course leave on your mark and give attribution - could I use it as my Facebook cover for a while? If not - I understand.
The flags, the posters, so much to be awed by then. I wonder if kids fell awe any more.

PWover50 said...

Great to see you back - every blog entry is wonderful. I'm sorry for the lost of someone so close to you.

Say, did you happen to see the 60's American Flag on your photo ... it's actually at half-mast. The park seems very empty too. Perhaps after President Kennedy's death?

Dave DeCaro said...

Thanks all for the welcome back! Debbie - of course on the request! And PWover50 - how cool. Hadn't even noticed that. I wonder if you are correct about the flag?

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back, Dave.

I agree, Lee's comments were always interesting and insightful. A real gentleman.

I've seen a lot of pics of the World Clock (heck, I saw the real thing at least twice) and never realized the sphere on top was half-hollowed out. The last pic really resembles the Proctor and Gamble logo, with the half-moon and sun.


nick said...

Let me add my delight that you are back blogging, Dave. It's tough to lose a friend. The sense of loss does fade, but it never really goes away. How many times I have thought of things I would have liked to ask my Dad. With a nod to the late Yogi Berra, I'll paraphrase that if you don't go to to other people's funerals, you can't expect them to show up for yours. I think my funeral will be well attended -- and the food will be so good that it's a shame that I will be missing it by just a few days (Groucho Marx?).