Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Viewliner: BW vs. Color

This undated black and white image of the Tomorrowland Viewliner (June 26, 1957–Sept. 15, 1958) almost looks like a miniature model layout. Of course, for us Disneyland fanatics, we know the truth. Zooming in, you can see that the interior was not very roomy.

A previously posted color image is from a similar angle:

This August 1958 shot, taken one month before the Viewliner attraction was removed, is a bit dark...

but still provides a fantastic view of the front of the Tomorrowland Train, which was a reddish salmon color:

A shot of the Fantasyland Viewliner, which was painted blue:

Which transportation of the future's style do you prefer: The Viewliner or the Monorail?

With the impending release of the Disney blockbuster "Frozen" on home video, here's a bonus "Making Of" clip for you:

Making of Frozen - Frozen Behind the Scenes on Disney Video

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Major Pepperidge said...

I never get tired of seeing the Viewliner!

K. Martinez said...

Neither. I want the jetpack the man flew over Disneyland with in "Disneyland Around the Seasons"!

beachgal said...

I wasn't thrilled with either of them - I don't recall what was not great about the Viewliner, but there was something that made it unattractive to go on even for those needed - 'We have to go on something calm now so Grandma can get off her feet' urges I always would hear when I was there with my folks and grandparents. That grandma had varicose veins and bunions that bothered her a lot when up on the feet too long. There were other options that were better for those family downtime requests. I seem to recall the Viewliner was slow pulling out and hot in there and not comfortable seats that if they had been in the sun, could be super hot to sit down on. Like everyone, I was eager for the Monorail to open. It left me unimpressed when I did finally get there after it launched. I remember after the first yr., I didn't ride the Monorail anymore - there were too many other things to go on and I was getting older only wanting those attractions that had more of a thrill factor. I think we only took it when friends were staying at the Hotel. I can remember going on it again late into Gradnight when I was dead tired. We got on and I and curled up on my date's shoulder. We kept going around and around until I got a 2nd wind. I am almost positive that's the last time I rode the Monorail and that was 1964!