Thursday, February 27, 2014

May 1964 Treasures, Pt. 2

Disneyland Town Square balloon seller May 1964 photo

I think I made a goof yesterday. Our May 1964 brunette did not go shopping at the Main Street U.S.A. Flower Market; instead, it appears that her purse/handbag is very festively adorned. Oops. One less sale that day for the Flower Market. Today's post shows the before and after faces of riding on the Matterhorn. All seems calm in the first shot, with purses being adjusted and last glances around the area by cool dude in the shades (he looks like Boon from "Animal House")

Second view of the aftermath: the blonde with the bubble-cut looks like she is in a state of ecstasy. Her friend cautiously exiting the vehicle looks like she could hurl. Good thing her handbag seems sturdy! The cast member doesn't seem to be offering too much help.

Disneyland Town Square balloon seller May 1964 photo

One more installment left for this series - see you tomorrow!

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K. Martinez said...

Maybe it was a magnetic purse that would pick up objects in the shops as she walked by. Yes, the bubble-cut blonde just experienced the ecstasy of a bumpy ride on the Matterhorn. What a shame that they decided to eliminate the cozy lap seating.

As for the cast member not helping, I'm not sure what he could do from that side of the bobsled. I think his primary job would be to monitor and assist with the safety belts. I worked on the Jet Star roller coaster at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk way back in the 1970s with a similar configuration. From that position we made sure riders were seated, secured and then forwarded the vehicle to it's next position for dispatch. We'd never assist anyone unless it was requested or absolutely necessary. Attractions like the Jungle Cruise, Submarine Voyage or Storybook Land Canal Boats would be the exception for obvious reasons.

Great b&w images in this series. Thanks, Dave.