Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Submarine Blowout!

To accompany this batch of recently acquired ten (that's right, count 'em...TEN as in One - Zero) Submarine Voyage images from May 1960, I will splice in the text from the March 1961 Disneyland Line Newsletter. The article is titled:

Dry Submarine Lagoon A Beehive of Activity

Disneyland has long been noted for its beautiful landscaping and gardens and most employees know that our gardening experts raise a good percentage of these plants in the Winston Road nursery, but…not until recently were Disneylanders aware that Bud Washo's Staff Shop artisans have a flourishing "nursery" of their own.

In the service area behind the Administration Building, on a "sea" of asphalt, is a beautiful "under water" garden. Brilliantly colored blossoms and lush foliage thrive despite their concrete "roots." If one happens to see a mermaid or two among the foliage, coral, driftwood and other flora and fauna usually found in the depths of the sea—the explanation is simple. It's all part of the extensive Submarine Voyage rehab program.

In the Submarine lagoon, and cavern, drained of its cool clear, filtered water, even stranger things are taking place. To the sidewalk superintendent, it looks like Jack Reilly has Joe Fowler's and Truman Woodworth's entire crew concentraiting on this one area. The scope of rehab is tremendous. Leo Chsney's plumbers, Fred Johnson's electricians, Larry Smith's and Bud Washo's craftsmen and Robbie Robbins' animation mechanics are working with Dick Irvine, Claude Coats, Marc Davis, Bob Sewell, Roger Broggie and Emile Kuri of the DIsney organization. This concentrated grop of talented men are adding new rock work, iproving the camouflage, as well as repainting and redecorating the entire ride. The animation devices and lighting effects are undergoing complete rehab and many new and exciting props are being added to the popular attraction.

King crabs and lobsters, sea turtles and another sea bass, sun fish, additional and more realistic moray eels and giant clams are being readied for placement and animation. New manta rays, a shark and octopus in an underwater fight will also be added to the adventure. The newly animated mermaids, will, according to DIsney experts, be doing just what beautiful ladies do everywhere, when there's a treasure chest of jewels and a mirror handy, and even the winsome sea serpent is getting a new animation overhaul which will make him more captivating than ever.

A strange sight, indeed, is this dry lagoon with as many workmen as props, but when the work is completed in a few weeks and the lagoon and cavern are once again filed with water, Disneyland's guests will enjoy an even more beautiful and exciting adventure than when the Submarine was opened to the public less than 2 years ago.

Not only does Disneyland continue to grow, but Walt Disney and his staff are continually searching for a better and more exciting way to present Disneyland's world famous attractions.

A few hard to find underwater shots were in the batch, too:

And to round the post out, a few more images from the Cast Member behind-the-scenes series from Summer of 1982.

Hope you enjoyed today's journey through "liquid space"!

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K. Martinez said...

Image#3 of the Submarine Dock and Monorail platform is awesome! I love the view of monorail beams and pylons on the horizon.

JG said...

Great set of pics and the narration is even better. What great info on the old ride.