Thursday, June 13, 2013

Puffin' in the Park

Times change as our knowledge increases, and so do pastimes and habits. At one time, cigarettes were smoked by the general public and also considered to be very glamorous. It should come as no surprise that since Walt himself was a smoker that cigarettes had a presence in the park, as can be seen by this photo of the Tobacco Shop on Main Street, U.S.A.

The door of the Tobacco Shop pretty much sums up the habit for those who find themselves in its addictive clutches:

I hate to call today's post a tribute to cigarettes, as they are smelly and obviously not good for your health. However, they were part of early Disneyland and even today, part of the collectibles that people accumulate. What follows are photos of some of the vintage matchbook covers you could have found at Disneyland (thanks to Bill H.!), conveniently shown flipped both ways so that you don't have to turn your computer upside down!

Matchbooks were even made for the parades:

For those who might get offended about Mickey being associated with matches, let's remember matches have other uses besides lighting up cigs.

I wonder if the Country Bears smoked?

Can you imagine cigarette smoke in the Blue Bayou? Today, smokers are relegated to a few areas within the park. I am sure the day when smoking is completely banned at Disneyland is not too far off.

I love the retro look of this one:

Even the land of Tomorrow needs matches:

Typically, a lady would not be caught with a cigarette in her mouth in a photograph; cigarettes were held discreetly at the side, almost out of view.

On Yippie Day, discretion was not an issue.

This 1962 dad is taking a hard drag on one before he tosses it into the street.

Suzanne Pleshette gives her cancer stick a touch of glamour with her pose.

Something disturbing about Walt holding a cigarette so close to that little boy's arm.

Cigs weren't banned at the Hotel:

Even castmembers could be seen smoking in the park:

What father-son outing would be complete without a dad who smoked? Hope that kid's jacket isn't flammable.

Cigarettes were even part of pop music. Check out this Tex Williams song and get ready for it to stick in your head all day long.

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Major Pepperidge said...

I thought this was going to be about the Puffin Bakery!

MRaymond said...

I remember walking down Main Street back in the late 60's and seeing the street sweeper at work. He had a pile of cigarette butts and he poured water on them before throwing them in the bin he was pushing. Strange that I would remember that after reading your post. I had to be about 9 or 10. It must have had an effect on me since I never took up smoking.

Robby Cress said...

I love these images! Boy have times changed. I especially like that one of a cast member smoking. I can't even imagine a cast member chewing gum today, let alone smoking a cigarette.

K. Martinez said...

These are great images of another era. I still have my Tomorrowland matchbook completely mint (with matches) from a visit. The rest I used back then to light up a smoke. Disneyland was so immaculate back then that after I put out my cigarette I returned the butt back to the cigarette pack to dispose of later. I couldn't bare to leave it on the ground.

The image of Walt holding a cigarette close to the kids arm was pretty common back then. Now we know better. I have to add that my only regret in life is that I smoked heavily for too long.

Anonymous said...

As for the chewing gum comment, that was a definite 'no-no' in my day. In fact I still will not put my hands in my pockets while old habit also encouraged by management at the time. KS

Graffer said...

The Hotel Woman appears to be holding an arrow through the head gag, not a cigarette.

stu29573 said...

I agree with Gaffer..... I looked and looked, but no cig...

Daveland said...

Major - Nothing like a little bait and switch!

MRaymond - Sounds like that street sweeper saved your life!

K. - I believe that was Walt's intention; keep the park so clean that nobody would feel right littering.

Graffer & Stu - Error fixed. Thanks for the eagle eyes.