Saturday, July 04, 2009

September 1958 in Living Color

Happy July 4th! Hope you are all enjoying a delicious bbq and a fantastic fireworks display!

Is this little tyke the definition of adorable or what? OK, granted, there might be a little bit of Damien in him (note the expression in some of the later photos!), but he does look awfully fetching in his perfectly coordinated ensemble, standing outside of the Carnation Ice Cream Parlour. A detailed shot of the windows on West Center Street is also included, as well as a semi-current shot of the same area.

Back to Adventureland for one brief photo, as these guests shot everyone’s favorite, the African Bull Elephant:

The Cantina seems very refreshing on this hot summer day in September; anyone care for a Singapore Sling?

I wonder what those 50¢ sandwiches consisted of? You couldn’t even get a slice of bread for that price in Adventureland today!

See more vintage & current Town Square photos at my regular website.


-idogcow said...

oh, I do so wouldn't mind a wax-paper cup of carnation ice cream served with a flat wooden spoon right about now.

Major Pepperidge said...

Happy 4th of July Dave!

That current photo of the former Carnation building sure looks clean, shiny, and well maintained! No trace of peeling paint or anything.

Chiana said...

Love the recent pic there of the Coffee & Baked Goods joint and the Cantina looks like such a nice spot to sit and soak it in a spell. :)