Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sailing Through Sundays on The JC: Boat Names

Just a little interlude from the regular posts; thought I’d do a quickie showing the current names of the boats, minus a few that have been camera-shy so far...

The names of the original ten JC boats are: Amazon Belle (Green), Congo Queen (Red), Ganges Gal (Green), Irrawaddy Woman (Blue), Mekong Maiden (Blue), Nile Princess (Green), Orinoco Adventuress (Red), Suwannee Lady (Red), Yangtze Lotus (Red), Zambezi Miss (Blue).

The additional four are: Hondo Hattie (Green), Kissimmee Kate (Blue), Magdalena Maiden (Green), and Ucayali Una (Blue).

Amazon Belle’s fave boat to drive was the Hondo Hattie. It was the first one while he was there to receive an overhaul. And haul it could! Stopped on a dime, too!

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Cassandra said...

Aha! I love "Irrawaddy Woman." It sounds exotic.