Monday, May 14, 2007

Disneyland Park Update & 1975 visit

Today’s post will start with some current photos of the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage attraction. Disney has certainly done a great job of building excitement for the June 11 unveiling, and i am sure the park will be jam-packed with guests lining up to ride the refurbished submarines. I have to admit it was a little exciting to see the submarines in action on Saturday as they entered the cave area. Hard to believe this attraction has remained dormant since 1998.

For more Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage pics from May 12, visit my regular website. The park is also getting ready for the Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End premiere coming up this Saturday, May 19. New Orleans Square/Rivers of America was also a hub of activity, as guests were redirected around the construction area and lines for POTC went back to the Golden Horseshoe.

Now that you’ve taken a trip to the park to see how it looks now, let’s jump back to August 11, 1975 for what was most likely my 2nd visit to Disneyland. Mom only took 2 photos that day; one of my first ride on the Matterhorn with my 2 brothers, and then a parting shot in Town Square, again with “the bruthahs.” I still remember those brightly colored souvenir bags.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Great sub pictures, I look forward to riding it (hopefully without a 2 hour line).

In the Matterhorn photo, check out the way they changed the Kodak "picture spots" when GAF took over sponsorship...

Tim ( said...

Super Sub Pictures, I love the angles! Boy all those bleachers look odd, I was there last week, must have just missed it.

THANK YOU for the two family pictures, true treasures... I notice you have what appears to be a rather large camera case around your neck, you started early huh???

Thanks again


Matterhorn1959 said...

Man your brothers had some wicked style! Are they still as stylish today as back then?

Davelandweb said...

Matterhorn - Since my brothers will be looking at this blog today, I will refrain from commenting on their current sense of style! Ha! And Tim - that large camera case is a Polaroid. I have found a few of the BW pics I took that day; not in great shape nor are they really great shots to begin with. Once of these days I will have to see what I can do to fix them.

Gavin Elster said...

I hung out in NO Square just to watch the scaffold guys leer at women while they put up the bleachers for the Pirates event. These guys were really funny. It was as if they were extras on Married with Children. Real goofy men. If it wasn't for the odd traffic pattern I would have hung out there all day they were that funny. Those ropes just make me feel like one more steer in the heard.