Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Submarine Voyage: Part 2

This batch of slides was severely faded, and might even be a set of dupes, the quality seemed so bad. However, some of the shots are interesting, and today I will feature the group at the Submarine Voyage, starting off with a shot of the Ethan Allen sub. Shot 2 shows the Blue Monorail buzzing by overhead.

Shot 3 features the intrepid family standing near the Ethan Allen (dig those ka-razy hats!).

The final faded view has the Red Monorail, The General Dynamics sign (who sponsored the sub attraction for a time), as well as the original round Skyway buckets.

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Anonymous said...

Dave, Thanks for posting so many great historical shots of the park. I know that many of the slides and photos that you've scanned are faded and discolored, however, I'm of the opinion that you are mistakenly applying the CMYK filter instead of the RGB filter during your imaging process -- hence the harsh purple tones in so many of your scans. Just some helpful advice. Keep up the great work!

Davelandweb said...

Anonymous: I don't even work in CMYK on my scans; they are all RGB; unfortunately, some slides were not processed with the best chemicals/stock. The Technicolor ones hold up, whereas the later brands do not. Harsh purple tones in many of my scans? Actually, the majority of my posts are pretty damn good, and I even get comments on how bright and vivid the colors are. You might want to check the settings on your monitor.

Major Pepperidge said...

It's true that many slides are too far gone, I've certainly experienced that myself. As for "harsh puple tones"...huh? Most of daveland's scans look amazing! I'm usually jealous of the bright colors of his images.

I have to say though (and it's not daveland's fault) that the Sub lagoon looks like pea soup that's gone bad!

E-Ticket Tim said...

Well Dave, I think you do a great job with these slides. I collect 16mm films, and let me tell ya "anonymous", those have some Harsh purple tones, as in the whole image is purple! Dave has done a great job correcting these historical shots! Dave, you should post a "before and after" showcase series, show off your talent! Thanks for the hard work and great posts! Tim