Saturday, May 26, 2007

Back in the Saddle, part 2

Just got my last batch of pics back from the premiere and am posting them here first. The first one is a view of the camera crew filming the red carpet (most likely to turn up on the AWE DVD extras!).

Moving ahead to the Frontierland red carpet area, we have more hug-hug-kiss-kiss with Janice Dickinson and a side view of Cuba Gooding Jr.

It’s the Disney Channel Cheetah Girls! Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, and Sabrina Bryan.

Geoffrey Rush in Frontierland.

Meanwhile, over at DCA, the framework for the Toy Story Midway Mania has gone up. This is the first of a few projects aimed at turning DCA around.

Over on Tom Sawyer’s Island is the promo art for Pirate’s Lair, which officially opened yesterday. I have had my fill of crowds for awhile and will wait until my next visit to check it out. I hope it is a success. I have also included another construction photo from earlier in the week.

And back to vintage days, here are two June 1961 shots from the gates into Adventureland.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! For more vintage and current Disneyland photos, visit my regular website.


E-Ticket Tim said...

Hi Dave! More great pictures, thanks! What, you don't want to fight your way over to Pirate Island? I'll be checking it out sometime in the fall!

Hey, love the 1961 pictures, but, um, in the second one, the guy on the left with the cool shirt, is he holding a purse on his arm? Guys: NEVER hold a women's purse, even for a second, look what can happen! Nice shots though, great depth of field.

Thanks again Dave, oh, by the way, your Website is looking Awesome, nice work there! (


Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, I didn't even notice the purse! Maybe it is a "man bag" like on "Seinfeld".

Behind them is some sort of souvenir stand (or maybe you could buy snacks there?) right at the entrance to Adventureland...not sure I've ever seen that before.

E-Ticket Tim said...

I have not seen that souvenir stand either? Neat and unusal angle for these shots. HEY I just noticed, there is a Big 10 Ticket book in the afore mentioned purse, I want it!!! Tim