Saturday, April 14, 2007

Monorail & Tomorrowland Attraction Poster

This isn’t what I would call an amazing slide, but it gives a good segue into this post. This view is from October, 1959, showing the Red Monorail not long after it’s opening day. My next image is my “re-creation” of the original Monorail poster. Most of the copies available today are sub-par quality or have been altered slightly from the originals, so I have begun re-drawing the original silk-screened classics using Adobe Illustrator.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Hey Dave, I have two silk-screened Monorail posters...a later version replaced the TWA rocket with the Carousel of Progress building. There are a surprising number of variations in the world of attraction posters. In fact, I believe that the example you picture here is the 2nd version.

Peter VINCENT said...

Nice work Dave. I love all those Disney attractions posters. In fact a few years back I bought one (a reproduction.. but still cool as ever) of the Jungle Cruise. My wife took one look at it and said "you're not hanging that in this house" (she clearly does not share my love for the Disney attraction posters). So, still it sits in the original mailing tube waiting for the day I finally get her to "see the light".

Davelandweb said...

Thanks Peter - Jungle Cruise was one of the first posters I tackled. So far I have about 10 or so done, and another 3-4 close to completion.