Sunday, April 01, 2007

Midget Autopia, Construction, DVD’s, & The REALLY BIG Post

I have a lot of “stuff” for today’s post, so those that are attention-challenged, I apologize. I’ll start right off with 3 shots of the little towheads that were last seen on Alice’s ride; today they are enjoying the Midget Autopia in Fantasyland, February 1960.

This next photo was captured from the current Winnie The Pooh ride in (ugh) Critter Country. If you turn around as you enter the Honey Heaven room, you will see Max, Buff, and Melvin behind you, “hidden” high above. They are 3 characters from the famous Country Bear Jamboree, formerly located in the same area. I can only imagine the commentary they would have today about Critter Country.

Next up I have some photos that I took yesterday of the TSI rehab. Lotsa’ concrete, lumber, and even a gorgeous blue porta’ potty (not shown here...). Yes, there is even work going on over the weekend; guess they are trying hard to get it finished by the May deadline.

So that I won’t offend the vintage photo purists, here are a few of Fort Wilderness during its heyday, February 1960:

Even in today’s sophisticated world of technological toys and gadgets, what child would not have a blast entering into a life-size fort just waiting for exploration?!? Maybe the kind parked in a double-wide stroller with a parent talking on a cell phone mindless of the people around them (rant for the day has just concluded). Meanwhile, over in Tomorrowland, here are 2 shots from yesterday of the Nemo Submarine Voyage area.

Next up is a plug for a very cool collection of Main Street sculptures by Robert Olszewski. Yesterday was the release of the Plaza Inn and Snow White Wishing Well pieces. Future releases will include the Plaza Pavilion.

Olszewski’s attention to detail is phenomenal, and the series has slowly picked up steam and already become a huge collectible; John Lasseter reportedly has two sets, and a Haunted Mansion piece that originally sold for $295 is out of stock, and has recently fetched over $800 on ebay. Yesterday at the release event, the 2 sculptures sold out before everyone in line was able to buy one. If you have not seen this amazing set, you can check out the photos on my site. And as if you haven’t had enough today, one more exciting announcement. Coming up on December 11, all you DVD fanatics can look forward to Wave 7 of the Disney Treasure series. Many moaned about how it was being discontinued...well, moan no more. 3 more releases on that day include Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Chronological Donald Vol. 3, and Disneyland: Stories, Secrets, and Magic. The Disneyland volume was announced a few years ago as a single disc package and the release date was postponed many times. Looks like it finally found a home on the treasure series, and people who have been waiting for its release will be well rewarded. It will include a new documentary with archival footage, featuring Walt’s own words as well as new interviews. That’s it for today folks...I’m worn out from this post so will probably go back to bed.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Amazing post, Dave! I don't know how you do it...I get excited because I have one "so-so" photo of the Midget Autopia, and you seem to have stacks of them.

Great news about the DVD's too...of course I am most curious about the Disneyland volume. I looked it up for info and see that they will be re-using the "Disneyland U.S.A. at Radio City Music Hall" again, even though it was JUST released on the Walt Disney set. Why do they do that??

Debbie V. said...

I have to admit I am a scrooge when it comes to the big strollers and cell phones.

Mr. Mouse Monthly said...

In the secong Fort Wilderness pic, there is a red flag flying from Cascade Peak in the background. Anyone know what that's about? Great pics as always, thanks for sharing.