Thursday, April 26, 2007

Indiana Jones and The Decoder Card

Today I am going to jump forward from the past and do a post on one of my favorite rides; fans of the vintage stuff, please forgive me, as tomorrow I will go back to the golden age of the 50’s/60’s. I have always enjoyed reading the “Mara-glyphics” (designed by art director Chuck Ballew) inscribed on the wall of the Indiana Jones Adventure queue, and now, with the help of this AT&T decoder card, you too can unlock the secrets of these ancient scribblings from 1995! Have at it!

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Major Pepperidge said...

With fast pass, you miss so much of the amazing queue...but I can imagine the old days when you stood in line for two hours. Decoding those messages would have been a welcome diversion!

Anonymous said...

I found that even in the early days, without fastpass, the queue moved too quickly to decode anything. I have been wanting to get a decoder card and take photos, as has been done here. Thanks!